We can bring water to your livestock or your landscaping. We have built agricultural water systems in Laramie County, and Albany, Goshen and Platte counties. LG Drilling can do the work from drilling the hole through installing tanks to connecting the controls and power, delivering a turn-key system to meet your water needs.

We can apply for your permit, file your Statement of Completion, and do your NRCS and county conservation district paperwork.

LG Drilling has extensive experience providing water to range livestock. We can drill the well, install solar-powered pumps, run pipe and wire, and install tanks and storage cisterns, delivering a turnkey system for watering livestock.

Our agriculture water systems are an indispensable solution for ranches that are removed from a municipal water supply and require a reliable source of water for livestock.


We can take care of your NRCS and LCCD paperwork